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Frequent Questions & Policies ( SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW)

Q. What is required to place an order?

A. You will be asked for your name, local address, phone number and additional phone number, a valid driver's license or other government identification, and a major credit or debit card. A minimum deposit of 50% or a payment in full will be required to make a reservation.

Q. How far in advance should I place an order?

A. We take reservations up to a 1 day before your event, however, we highly recommend advance reservations as the rentals are subject to availability. We recommend placing your reservation at least two weeks prior to your event, but, you may make your reservation up to 18 months in advance. However, you may place your order one day in advance or up to one year in advance. Delivery orders placed less than 2 days in advance may be subject to additional fees.

Q. How long is the rental period?

A. The rental rates are for a 1-4 day rental period (i.e., Tuesday-Thursday)with the exception of any Kids party rentals. Weekend rentals are generally from Friday through Monday. If you require a longer rental period, please contact our office for rate information. All charges are for time out whether equipment is used or not.

Q. When and how do I pay?

A. For online reservations, payment is due at the time of reservation. Please call the office if you would like to set up different payment options. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and select checks.

Q. What are your delivery and pick-up hours?

A. Our regular delivery hours are weekdays 8am-5pm. After hours, weekend, and holiday deliveries can be arranged for an additional charge.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount for delivery?

A. There is a minimum order amount for delivery of $150 (plus delivery, and may vary) from city to city, however delivery minimums will vary for different cities. Orders that do not meet the minimum will incur an extra costs to meet the minimum fee. Travel fees apply on all deliveries and pick-ups. Please call our office for further details.

Q. Will your staff set up and break down the equipment?

A. iCelebrate will set up and take down assembly equipment such as canopies, stages, dance floors and inflatables. All other equipment such as tables, chairs, linens etc. is to be set up and broken down by the customer. Set-up and breakdown down service for tables and chairs is available at an additional charge. These arrangements must be made prior to delivery.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You may cancel 8 or more days before your event. You may apply the deposit toward another event for next 13 monts. If you cancel less than week before your event, you will lose your deposit and not be able to apply it to future dates.

The minimum deposit amount 50% can be applied toward another date for up to 13 months away. Cancellations made 3-7 days in advance will lose their deposit and will incur an additional 20% charge and cancellations made 48 hours or less will incur a 50% charge.

Q. What happens if items are lost or damaged?

A. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from time received until time of return or pick-up. Please be sure the rental equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather, theft, and potential damage at all times. The customer will be charged the replacement cost for damaged or missing items, which includes boxes, crates, carts, dollies, straps, cords etc.


- There is a 50% minimum deposit required for every order. All deposits are non-refundable unless cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order. If you cancel 7 or more days prior to your event, you can receive a voucher for the full amount to use toward another event up to 13 months away.

- If no one is present during the scheduled delivery (if E-signed) or pickup window, we may enter through your side gate unless we are otherwise instructed.

- Table and chair rentals do not include setup and breakdown. It is the customer's responsibility to set up and breakdown unless an arrangement is made at an additional charge.

- If customer or representative is not present or are unable to allow setup due to obstacles upon delivery, we will have to leave right away as to not be late for our other customers. There will be a $50 charge to return and your delivery may be pushed to the last delivery if we can still manage to fit it in.

- Make sure there is sufficient space to fit the rental equipment. Also check height space for any objects interfering space. Call us if you are unsure. If there is insufficient space when we arrive, we will have to cancel your event with no refunds.

- If delivered equipment needs to go up stairs, or further than 200 feet from the unloading area, additional charges will apply. Please contact us to coordinate if there are stairs as we may need additional equipment and man power to facilitate the delivery.

- We require at least a 3 feet wide door or gate to the delivery area. If the doorway or gate is smaller than 3 feet when we arrive, we may be forced to cancel your event. Call us if the entry smaller than 3 feet.

- We must have a clear pathway to the delivery area. We ask that you move any objects interfering in the pathway to your backyard. Please move your BBQ grill, garbage bins, garden equipment, auto equipment, etc. There is a $40 fee to help move your items out of the way. If there are too many items to move, we are forced to cancel your event.

- Because we get very busy and we always want to be on time, there is a chance we have to deliver rental equipment a day earlier than scheduled. This only applies if you stated your equipment will be setup in a backyard or closed off area. If we need to deliver early, we will call 1-2 days prior. There is no additional charge for early delivery. If equipment will be set up on grass, the sprinklers need to be turned off.

- For tents and inflatables, please let us know where to setup as we will drive stakes in the grass or dirt to anchor the corners of our units. Be sure to let us know of any areas not to stake. We will not be responsible for any broken pipes underground.

- We accept cash or card for remaining balances. Drivers do not carry change for cash transactions so have exact amount of cash. For credit card transactions, please pay prior to your rental day.

- Payment must be made upon delivery before rental equipment is unloaded. Please have payment ready when we arrive.

- There is a $50-200 cleaning fee if equipment is excessively dirty.

- Customer needs to cover any damage made to equipment. You may purchase our damage waiver to avoid this.

- If equipment is wet we may charge a $50-150 fee.

- Customer is not allowed to relocate tents, stages, dance floors, or inflatable equipment after setup. Our staff has setup the equipment safely using stakes, anchors, and tools. Relocating the equipment may void safety.

- The following items should not be on our equipment when picked up: silly string, gum, food, drinks, confetti, trash, tape, decorations or any type of debris. Please use common sense.

Call us at 408-896-5867 if you have any questions.

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